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Gut Health One of the Many Reasons for Infertility

Written By Native Sun Nutrition & Functional Medicine on August 2, 2021

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You currently have trillions of microbes in your gut that mounting research shows are connected to countless biological processes and health conditions, including fertility. If you’re struggling with infertility, research shows that poor gut health can be one reason why.

At Native Sun Nutrition & Functional Medicine we work with families and the many potential factors playing into why you’re struggling to conceive, including evaluating your gut health.

How Gut Health Affects Fertility and Pregnancy

The gut does so much more than digest food and absorb nutrients. It’s 80% of your immune system, heavily impacts how you think and feel, plays a major role in fertility, and so much more.

Recent research has found that women with recurrent pregnancy loss show a higher prevalence of undiagnosed gut disorders, the most prevalent being abnormal gut permeability, also known as leaky gut. This condition contributes to inflammation and therefore reduced ability to absorb nutrients leading to deficiencies of vital nutrients which is believed to contribute to miscarriages.

What could also be happening is your gut isn’t converting bound estrogen into free estrogen, or your gut isn’t properly metabolizing estrogen, which can lead to various health conditions, including endometriosis, PCOS, endometrial hyperplasia, and infertility.

It can also be celiac disease, an autoimmune disorder where autoantibodies are formed against the gut, doing damage, whenever you ingest gluten. A 2016 meta-analysis found that women with infertility have a 3.5 times higher odds of having celiac disease. In addition to infertility, celiac disease can lead to nutritional deficiencies, lymphoma and nervous system disorders.

Correcting gut imbalances so you can finally conceive is so much more involved than taking probiotics or cutting gluten out of your diet. There are countless other factors at play, which is why you should consider coming into Native Sun Nutrition and get a thorough evaluation. We care for all our patients with individualized functional medicine.

Hear It from a Happy Mother

“Finding Dr. Williams has definitely been a life changer. I first came to her feeling hopeless after being diagnosed with Hashimotos autoimmune disease. I was continuously being told I was fine when, in reality, it was the worst I had ever felt.

Her staff reassured me Dr. Williams would get to the root of my problem. I bit the bullet and I do not regret one bit having started this health journey with her help. I was told prior to her that family planning would not be easy for me, but with her help, I got my body on track and naturally got pregnant.

I’m so thankful for finding Dr. Williams and the knowledge she has provided in the year of being with her. Highly recommend. You won’t regret it!”

-Andrea Maya, Google Reviewer

Achieve Optimal Gut Health in Las Vegas

Dr. Caroline Williams is a chiropractic physician with an emphasis on functional medicine. She has been practicing in Las Vegas, Nevada since 2001, and has effectively helped countless patients not only improve their health but also prevent dysfunction and disease from developing.

Since both fertility and gut health are intricate and complex, we take a scientific approach using objective data from lab work, and specific diagnostics needed to assess each individual based on challenges they are facing along with health history, and lifestyle assessment. Check out more of her patient reviews here.

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