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Should You Visit a Nutritionist?

Written By Native Sun Nutrition & Functional Medicine on February 26, 2021

NutrionistFood is fuel for your body and brain. What you eat has the potential to keep you energized, slow you down, and affect the function of your entire system. Even if you do plenty of research, navigating the grocery aisle and nutrition labels can be overwhelming and leave you heading towards the frozen foods section instead. In fact, three-fourths of Americans have eating habits that are low in fruits, vegetables, dairy, and healthy fats. If you need help balancing your diet, then you may want to consider consulting with a nutrition advisor. 

What is a Nutritionist?

Working with a nutritional advisor is the best way to receive a personalized nutrition plan that is ideal for your body and goals. Dr. Caroline Williams provides a holistic approach to nutrition with customized nutrition plans. As experienced nutrition experts, they provide the following services:

  • Review your diagnostic data
  • Discuss your diet and activity level
  • Set realistic goals with an exercise and hydration plan
  • Develop a personalized nutrition plan 

Understanding your current habits and targeting your issues can help you use food to benefit you and not harm you, and use exercise as a tool to condition your body and reach optimal health. 

Tops Reasons to Visit a Nutritionist

In America, one in three adults is obese — leading to a higher rate in conditions like heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes. Seeking professional nutritional guidance is the best way to understand how your habits can positively impact your body for years to come. A few additional benefits from working with a nutritional advisor:

  • Manage chronic issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and more
  • Manage stress and balance nutritional intake to help with digestive issues.
  • Provide weight management guidance with a meal and lifestyle program using Basal Metabolic rate (BMR) specific to you. 
  • Conduct food allergy testing to determine which foods cause inflammation
  • Help patients who are pregnant or looking to become pregnant 
  • Assist patients with an eating disorder on the road to whole foods diet

Stay Healthy by Visiting a Nutritionist in Las Vegas

Ready to become a healthier version of yourself? Dr. Caroline Williams DC, CFMP, ACN focuses on holistic nutritional guidance that help you reach peak physical, mental, and emotional performance. She will develop a personalized holistic health plan tailored to your body’s needs so you can enjoy life to the fullest.

Schedule an appointment today with Native Sun Nutrition & Functional Medicine for nutritional guidance.

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