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Practice Policies


Consultations are mandatory for all potential patients. The purpose of the consultation is to determine if we offer the kind of program you are looking for and for us to determine if we can work together. Included in the consultation is a readiness assessment which will help determine if you are ready to make the necessary changes required to get optimal results. Consultations are 30 minutes in length and are $149.00.

Patient Responsibility

You are encouraged to ask questions on any health related topic and to take an active role in your health care. Patients will be given specific instructions to follow and will be provided resources such as videos, CDs and books to enhance their experience and further their knowledge on health and wellness. Patient compliance is critical in order to maximize results.


We do not accept any insurance, including Medicare, and our services cannot be submitted to Medicare for reimbursement. All fees are settled directly between patient and provider at the time services are rendered. At the patient’s request, we can provide you with the necessary diagnostic codes needed for you to submit an out of network claim to your insurance.

Laboratory Testing

Laboratory/diagnostic testing are integral components of your treatment plan. Test results are used to design your personal health care program as well as uncover the root causes of your medical condition. Our minimum required laboratory testing for patient evaluation consists of blood work, urinalysis and hair tissue mineral analysis. Retesting is done every 6 months, unless otherwise determined during course of treatment. Specialty testing, i.e. comprehensive stool analysis, iodine loading test, etc., is determined on an individualized basis. We are able to offer a cash discount of up to 70% off blood labs.

Office Visits

Initial laboratory testing is required to be completed prior to your initial evaluation, in addition to a completed detailed history. The initial evaluation includes review of lab results and detailed history as well as performing a physical exam. The initial visit is 110 minutes in length and is $300.00. Follow-up visits are 50 minutes and are $175.00. Re-exams are 110 minutes and are $300.00. If a longer visit is necessary, you will be notified of this prior to your appointment. There is no refund for services provided. You may be eligible for out-of-network insurance reimbursement or tax deduction for medical services.

Payment Options

We accept cash, money orders and most major credit/debit cards. Checks are not accepted. Our programs provide three payment plan options.

Treatment Plan Questions

We encourage patients to call and/or email with questions regarding their experience during treatment. Patients who are enrolled in a program are provided with two 30 min phone calls and four emails at their disposal per month. These are included because change is expected and questions will arise. Any additional correspondence beyond what is included will be charged $30 per email and any additional phone calls up to 30 minutes will be charged $60 per phone call. If there is a need for longer discussion regarding new symptoms or new concerns, then we recommend you schedule an additional follow- up appointment. Additionally, if it has been longer than 8 weeks since your last appointment, schedule an appointment rather than email.

Cancellation Policy

When an appointment is scheduled, time is reserved especially for you. Since our appointments are much longer than standard office visits, cancellations are significant interruptions to our practice. Therefore, a minimum 72 hour notice is required for cancellations/reschedules of new patient visits and a 24 hour notice for existing patients. There will be a 100% office visit charge for “no-shows”, late cancellations/reschedules. Patients that are late up to 15 minutes for appointments can be seen for the remainder of the scheduled visit. Patients later than 15 minutes for appointments will need to reschedule.


Information provided and discussed during office visits is confidential. Your medical record and the information contained within it will not be disclosed to others unless you direct us to do so in writing.

Emergencies and after-hours care

This practice is not a primary care clinic – we offer consultative services only. You must have a primary care doctor with whom you can consult in the event of an emergency or urgent problem. If you notice an adverse effect from one of the components of your treatment plan, you should discontinue it then email or call us. If you have a serious health problem that requires immediate attention, you should call your primary care doctor, call 911, or have someone take you to the nearest hospital emergency room.

Contact Us

Please contact us with any questions regarding this policy. If you call after hours, we will return your call by the next business day.

Phone: (702) 582-1800

Email: [email protected]