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The Healthy Skin Secret the Cosmetic Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know

Written By Native Sun Nutrition & Functional Medicine on October 1, 2021

Healthy Skin Native Sun Nutrition & Functional Medicine

There’s a daunting number of skin products lining the health and beauty care shelves. The good thing is you can ignore most of them because your skin needs more than creams and lotions to be healthy. So if you’re dealing with acne, chronically dry skin, recurring rashes, hair loss and more, those are all signs that your skin needs nutritional help to regain its glow.

Dr. Caroline Williams at Native Sun Nutrition & Functional Medicine in Las Vegas can evaluate your skin health and symptoms to determine what needs are not being met and help you restore your natural glow. 

A Little 101 On Your Skin

Your skin the body’s largest organ and significantly important in the detoxification of your body. Your skin consists of the outer layer called the epidermis, a layer underneath called the derma, which contains your nerves, veins, arteries and hair bulb, a fatty insulating and cushioning layer called the hypodermis, and finally the subcutaneous layer that further insulates and cushions your body. One of the most important parts is adipose tissue found in the hypodermis layer. This is where your body produces adipocyte cells, which perform a wide variety of functions.

White adipocytes regulate fat storage, hormone production, inflammation, cardiovascular activity, and tissue repair. Brown adipocytes, however, generate heat, regulate nutrient homeostasis and drive proper cell function. They’re known to help fight metabolic diseases, cardiovascular issues and cancer.

What Your Skin Says About Your Health

When your body and skin are nutritionally starved, your skin is often the first indicator that something’s wrong. Acne can hint at hormonal disorders. Dry skin and chapped lips can indicate hypothyroidism and diabetes. Recurring rashes can mean celiac disease or dermatitis, a result of an immune response. And varying skin tones are often indicators of other health issues, like yellowing for liver problems, bluish discoloration for serious heart or lung issues, and pale skin can be anything from dehydration to lung cancer.

Rutin Is One of the Critical Skin Health Nutrients

That’s a lot of pieces of your skin that need a wide variety of nutrients. One of the most important is Rutin, which helps combat wrinkles, preserve elasticity and keeps it a healthy thickness. Reason being because Rutin, which is part of the vitamin C complex, is essential for collagen production. Yes, your body produces its own collagen, but if its deficient in Rutin, also known as Vitamin P, it won’t make collagen and you will start to see collagen tissue breakdown externally and internally. You could consider this sub-clinical scurvy. Rutin is also shown to work as an antioxidant, which helps with anti-aging. The health benefits don’t stop with your skin. Rutin is also shown to help with circulation, prevent blood clots and keep LDL cholesterol levels in balance with HDL.

Depending on the stressors, your body is going to need various other nutrients, including essential fatty acids, multiple vitamins, antioxidants, nutrients that help regulate blood sugar levels, and others that further aid with skin elasticity and wrinkles.

Dr. Williams will guide you through nutritional needs based off of testing and blood work and any diagnostics needed to identify and explain what’s going on.

Get Whole Body Skin Care in Las Vegas

Dr. Caroline Williams is a chiropractic physician with an emphasis on functional medicine. She has been practicing in Las Vegas, Nevada since 2001, and has effectively helped countless patients not only improve their health but also prevent dysfunction and disease from developing.

She takes a scientific approach using objective data from lab work, and specific diagnostics needed to assess each individual based on challenges they are facing along with health history, and lifestyle assessment. Her results with patients speak for themselves, check out her patient reviews here.

Have questions or need to schedule an appointment? Please feel free to us at (702) 582-1800 or go online and fill out a contact form. We look forward to helping you.

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